You come from a great baseball board game tradition!  We do not wish to be critical of Strat O’Matic, but we want you to be aware of how UBTG compares with it. While UBTG can be played in a way that is similar to Strat O’Matic, UBTG really is a different game. UBTG is a two-player, strategy board game that utilizes simultaneous secret movement orders. The pitching team and batting team must commit to certain pitches and plays simultaneously, allowing for intriguing strategic options on nearly every pitch and play. You should read more below!


Strat O’matic, like most “replay” baseball games, resolves entire at bats all at once.  You simply match up a pitcher card with a batter card and roll the dice.  Gamers have very little opportunity for making strategic decisions that are such an integral part of the game of baseball. UBTG, on the other hand, plays pitch-by-pitch. Yes, the advanced version* takes longer to play (UBTG takes about as long as real-life baseball), but fans of UBTG prefer the excitement of the cat-and-mouse interplay between pitcher and batter on every pitch, working the count on every at bat.

*Each game box includes the Advanced Game, but also comes with a Quick Start guide, as well as a Basic Version (for children & beginners) that plays faster than the Advanced Version.



Strat-o-matic includes realistic play results, but most of them are obtained simply by rolling the dice, without gamer input. In UBTG, gamers are challenged to make strategic decisions on every pitch and play, based on specific player skills that are brought to bear on the particular play (foot speed, throwing ability, power, situational hitting, fielding skills, and so on). You have to decide whether to bunt, hit-and-run, tag and run, use a big lead, steal, go for the extra base, where to attempt a putout, whether to attempt a risky dive catch, whether to let a bunt roll foul, and whether to attempt a pickoff… to name just a few of the many options in UBTG. UBTG actually plays like real-life baseball!

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Strat-o-matic, like most “replay” baseball games, provides player card sets based on seasons (1958, 2011, etc.). While Strat provides one season’s player cards in the game box, you have to buy any additional seasons or sets. UBTG’s game box, on the other hand, comes with over 200 of the best players of all time, compiled from across the entire history of the sport (including Negro leagues, All Nations teams, and pre-1900 players, all the way back to baseball’s obscure beginnings in the 1840’s–a dream pool tailor-made for deam team simulation). At the time of publication, we are confident UBTG has player cards that cannot be found in any other game on the market.  And all these players’ skills are adjusted so that all players are on a level playing field. You can draft any player from any era or team and can rest assured he will match up fairly and accurately against any other player. UBTG is truly the dream game of dream team simulation.


How well does Strat-o-matic accommodate dream team simulation?

While Strat provides a couple of vintage Hall-of-Fame player card sets, these do not come in the game box and must be purchased separately. UBTG’s game box, on the other hand, comes with over 200 of the best players of all time! And each player card is a lifetime composite of how that player played in real life. Strat, like other “replay” baseball games, provides season-based card sets, so no telling how many sets you’d have to buy before you have a complete all-time dream team player pool. Furthermore, when you try to draft your dream team, there is the question of which season you are going to use (Barry Bonds’ 73-HR card is always an attractive choice!). In UBTG, each player card is a lifetime composite, so you don’t have to worry about season- and era-specific distortions. Your single Ted Williams card will play like Williams played in real life and will match up accurately and fairly against any other card in the game.


Before you invest in another baseball board game, check out our detailed comparison table below. You should also take a look at the “Features” tab of our game. We are confident your UBTG investment will compare favorably with competing games in several key areas!

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