Fans of tabletop & baseball board games! Ultimate Baseball The Game (UBTG) is the revolutionary, amazingly realistic simulation of the great American pastime. Whether you are a fan of baseball, role-playing, “replay” or tabletop games, we believe UBTG has something new and exciting to offer. UBTG has everything for the baseball board game aficionado. We invite you to check out our site and links and compare UBTG with the competition. We believe you will agree that UBTG offers the most exciting and realistic baseball experience on the market today!

The Game Board

How Does UBTG Compare To Strat-o-matic, Replay & APBA?

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Baseball Board Games

A completely self-contained baseball board game! The UBTG game box is a completely self-contained, non-digital board game: Includes BASIC & ADVANCED games! Includes over 200 all-time stars from America’s baseball history! Only 1 card per star… you don’t need to purchase additional seasonal card sets! No batteries, joysticks, game stations, or computers required! Continue scrolling to learn more.

Other Tabletop Games

Attention Strat-o-matic and APBA players, and fans of tabletop games: UBTG has more strategic options than are available in today’s baseball board game marketplace! UBTG play simulates every play possible in real baseball! Customers claim UBTG’s pitcher fatigue system is “unparalleled” and the “game board alone is amazing.” And.. we aren’t shy about comparing UBTG with other games like Strat-o-matic, APBA and Replay!

Dream Team Simulation

UBTG’s draft pool is the ultimate baseball dream pool. UBTG includes the best baseball players ever with pre-1900 stars and Negro leaguers that cannot be found in any other game today. Skill ratings are adjusted so that each and every player card matches up accurately against any other player card! You can form your dream team using stars from any era, team, or season without worrying about whether match-ups will be distorted.


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  • Other baseball board games boast realism. UBTG delivers.
    - Soren Miller, South Haven, MI
  • The game board alone is amazing and the game components are top quality.
    - Diego Louca, Miami Beach, FL
  • The pitcher fatigue and rotation system is unparalleled.
    - Todd Rollin, Kentfield, CA
  • Many board games are fun. Others may be realistic. UBTG is both, with many more opportunities for strategic baseball decision-making.
    - Donovan Lloyd, Dallas, TX
  • Without a doubt, this is the best baseball table-top game I've ever played.
    - James Bullard, Los Angeles, CA
  • ULTIMATE BASEBALL THE GAME is to baseball board gaming what ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER is to wargaming.
    - David Hassler, Indianapolis, IN
  • If you’re wondering about buying UBTG, get the [Player Register]. You’ll become a believer.
    - Tom Thornton, Arlington, TX
  • Talk about a conversation starter. We actually display [the UBTG Player Register] on our coffee table!
    - Kenneth Rivers, Atlanta, GA
  • The Player Register is absolutely amazing. I don’t leave home without it.
    - Joe Tarryton, Los Angeles, CA


What Player Cards Are Included In UBTG’s Game Box? 

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