Welcome to UBTG’s Board  Game Comparison Matrix! Following are two charts that make key comparisons to show how UBTG is different from some of the major baseball “replay” board games (Strat, APBA, and so on). Most games in the replay genre are very similar in structure, game play, and purpose. These include Strat, ABPA, Replay, PtP (Pursue the Pennant), and several others. Many replay computer simulations also are very similar. While some features may be more easily processed on computer (clicking on a team’s roster, for example), the actual flow of the game and ongoing strategic decision-making are very similar to the replay game format. The following two tables focus on: (1) How UBTG has more game features and strategic options than other common replay board games; and (2) How UBTG’s price compares with other common replay baseball games.


Feature Comparison Matrix

[table id=2 /]

While there are many other features that make UBTG revolutionary and unique, it should be clear from this table that UBTG offers many more features than other “replay” board games. This is especially true in the area of gamer-elected strategizing. If you want more ways to outfox and outplay your opponent, UBTG is the game for you! You should also check out the 2nd chart below for a comprehensive pricing matrix.


Pricing Comparison Matrix

At first glance, UBTG appears to be more expensive. Upon closer examination, however, we find that UBTG has more bang for your buck.

[table id=1 /]



UBTG’s game box is bigger and contains more materials (charts, tables, and an unparalleled game board). The last two rows tell it all: UBTG’s dollar per sq in beats the others hands down. As for dollar per pound, only Strat barely beats out UBTG, but that is because just about all Strat game weight comes from the single season card set included. If you take both games’ player cards out of the mix, UBTG outweighs Strat by 3 to 1. You can claim that the other 3 “complete” games include a greater quantity of player cards per buck. But each card set offered represents historical rosters from only one season. If you want to match up any season’s players against a different season’s players, you have to buy more than 1 card set. That is why the total amount spent to play “dream team” simulation could be through the roof for these other games (depending on which players you want in your pool).
Additionally, there is no guarantee your dream team player matchups won’t be affected by era-specific distortions. UBTG’s cards, on the other hand, are lifetime composites, representing how players played throughout their entire careers. So you only need one card for each player (vs one card per player per season). UBTG adds recently accrued all-time stars to its player pool approximately every 3 years, but you don’t need to keep collecting additional seasons (which duplicate many of the same players and which cost more money!). Your single set of player cards is all you need to play UBTG and your dream team draft pool is ready-made… and you can rest assured you are getting the top players of all time (including Negro league and All Nations team stars), all rated so as to afford a level playing field across the board. UBTG is more than collecting single season card sets. UBTG focuses on its game materials and game play just as much as its player cards (see our other features and comparison charts HERE). There is a LOT in your UBTG game box!
Simply put, UBTG is the dream game of dream team simulation.

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