ubthegame075Veteran “replay” gamers (of Strat, APBA, etc.) have raised the concern about ULTIMATE BASEBALL THE GAME’s game-playing time.  In our busy world, this is a valid concern.  Nevertheless, we stand by our simulation and promise that you are getting plenty of bang for time spent.

Because UBTG simulates every pitch and affords gamers opportunity for strategic decision-making on nearly every pitch and play, and because UBTG simulates every play in real-life baseball, UBTG playing time is about the same as a real-life baseball game.  True, many of the traditional “replay” games take less time to play.  But once you realize that UBTG really is a different kind of game packed with loads of excitement and fun, we are confident this time factor will play less of a role in your thinking.

The fact is, the traditional “replay” games (Strat, APBA, etc.) take less time to play because of two major factors:

1. Traditional “replay” games resolve at bats all at once, with the roll of the dice.  There is very little pitcher/batter interaction or intrigue.

 2. Traditional “replay” games afford gamers very little opportunity for strategic interaction and decision-making as a given play unfolds (such as deciding which direction to bunt, when and where to take big leads, where to attempt throwouts and cutoffs, and many more mid-play decisions).

If you are wanting to simply replay games from particular seasons and play entire seasons out quickly, then these “replay” games work fine.  If, on the other hand, you want to simulate the strategic intricacies that make baseball such a great game, then UBTG is just the ticket.

Many games, after all, can take around 3-4 hours (or longer) to play (Scrabble, Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, chess, to  a few).  Board games and family fun are making a comeback!  More and more people are realizing that spending a few hours playing games with family and friends can be among life’s most fulfilling moments.  Don’t sell yourself short!  If you really want to play a realistic and exciting baseball sim, try us out.  You won’t regret it!


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