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UBTG Gamer Testimonials

We’ve dedicated this page to testimonials we’ve received about Ultimate Baseball The Game, including its features, look and feel, and overall gaming experience. If you’d like to send us your own testimonials, please drop us a line here.

  • Other baseball board games boast realism. UBTG delivers.
    - Soren Miller, South Haven, MI
  • The game board alone is amazing and the game components are top quality.
    - Diego Louca, Miami Beach, FL
  • The pitcher fatigue and rotation system is unparalleled.
    - Todd Rollin, Kentfield, CA
  • Many board games are fun. Others may be realistic. UBTG is both, with many more opportunities for strategic baseball decision-making.
    - Donovan Lloyd, Dallas, TX
  • Without a doubt, this is the best baseball table-top game I've ever played.
    - James Bullard, Los Angeles, CA
  • ULTIMATE BASEBALL THE GAME is to baseball board gaming what ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER is to wargaming.
    - David Hassler, Indianapolis, IN
  • If you’re wondering about buying UBTG, get the [Player Register]. You’ll become a believer.
    - Tom Thornton, Arlington, TX
  • Talk about a conversation starter. We actually display [the UBTG Player Register] on our coffee table!
    - Kenneth Rivers, Atlanta, GA
  • The Player Register is absolutely amazing. I don’t leave home without it.
    - Joe Tarryton, Los Angeles, CA

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