About Ultimate Baseball The Game

It all started in 1949.
Our father created a simple but amazingly realistic baseball game that could be played indoors over a dining room table. He was a family man and loved to play games with his children, and he loved baseball, so the basic version of Ultimate Baseball The Game (UBTG) was born.
Years later, after several other baseball board games had been marketed, and after the digital age introduced game stations and joysticks, we four sons continued to miss the cerebral poetry of our father’s creation. So we decided to dig the old game out of the closet and remake it into the best baseball strategy board game ever. You still don’t need a joystick, game station, computer, or batteries, and you can play any time of day or year. UBTG has no off-season!
After nearly 40 years of research and development, we completed the current version of UBTG and invited a group of people to play-test it. The feedback was so positive that we decided to establish a company and make UBTG available to the general public. Now you can order your own edition and see for yourself what the world of baseball strategy board games has been missing.


For Players of StratoMatic, APBA, Replay, PtP, IBL, & Similar Games

First, we want to welcome you to UBTG, the revolution in strategy baseball boardgaming. If you are a veteran player of Strat-o-Matic, APBA, Replay, PtP, IBL, and other similar games, then you come from a rich tradition of boardgaming. It is not our wish to be critical of these great games. But we would like to explain where UBTG is different, why we believe it is revolutionary and why we hope you will join us. You should check out these comparison charts that break down these differences:


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