Welcome customers and fans… to our new look! We’ve updated and improved our site and we’re open and ready for business. We hope you find browsing through our site an enjoyable and informative experience. We have tried hard to listen to your suggestions and inquiries, and we believe our site is now more informative and easier to navigate.
If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll join the revolution in strategy baseball board gaming. ULTIMATE BASEBALL THE GAME is the amazingly realistic and exciting table-top simulation of the great American pastime.

What Players Are Included In The Game Box?

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We have included info and tools to help you compare UBTG with other common table-top baseball games. If you are a veteran of Strato-matic or APBA, or any other similar board game, or are new to the scene, don’t hesitate to look over our info, products, and comparison charts in order to arrive at an informed overview of the baseball board game scene today. We want you to be confident that you are purchasing the best baseball board game experience on the market today.


We have upgraded our blog and commenting systems and trust you will find both to be more user-friendly. We want our new system to accommodate your questions and comments and we are excited to watch the UBTG baseball community continue to grow. We will do our best to answer any and all questions about the game and baseball in general and we will try to post all of your comments and questions.
As always, we have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Like us, follow us, and spread the word! More and more customers are experiencing the intriguing strategy baseball experience that is UBTG. Customers are responding with rave reviews and comments. So here is an invitation to all of  you to get on board, get your copy of UBTG, and join the revolution. Together, let’s watch the UBTG revolution grow!

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